I Am Not Religious, I Am A Follower of Christ
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I Am Not Religious, I Am A Follower of Christ

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I Am Not Religious, I Am A Follower of Christ
by Daryl O’Neil


When did it become wrong, hateful or RELIGIOUS to uphold standards Christ died for?
Did the principles in the bible change and somebody not send me a memo?
Doesn’t God want a people, who by CHARACTER, look and behave differently from those living outside of covenant with Him, by SURRENDERING their lives to Christ’s atoning gift and becoming born again?


Light not Darkness,
Selfless not Selfish
Love not Fear,
Righteous not Unrighteous.
Where is the Contrast? Where is the difference? Should there be a difference?


Embracing Babylonian (confused by mixture) standards to help people come from darkness to light dilutes our light and communicate a standard perhaps God Himself has not established.


I want to speak on behalf of SOME people, who are not lowering the standard. WE ARE NOT RELIGIOUS. WE ARE LOVING, PEOPLE WHO HAVE BOUNDARIES living in this anything goes “New Christianity”.


There are many things God calls WRONG, SINFUL and SIN and I believe He still is using men and women to show people their sin and help them discover redemption by God’s Grace.


I define GRACE as the DIVINE ABILITY OF GOD. Grace is the empowering presence of God enabling me to BE, who He has created me to be and to DO, what He has created me to do. It is not to live any way I want  to without guilt.


YES, those He uses, they are not perfect themselves. It is how God has always done it. It is how He chooses to do it.


The problem is, we as a culture have such a perverted view of love, we don’t know when someone is loving us anymore. We are living in the days of ANARCHY in the church.


ANARCHY: political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control.  Lack of obedience to an authority; insubordination. Confusion and disorder. Please don’t be put off by the phrase governmental control. I am not speaking of earthly government. The Kingdom of God is living under the rule and GOVERNMENT of HEAVEN in earth from within by God’s words and His Spirit.


Jesus is it’s King. It speaks of governing authority.


Being light and a CONTRAST to the culture is a function of a GOVERNING CHURCH. They govern. ANARCHY always hates being governed. Another word for ANARCHY is LAWLESSNESS. This is how it wants to manifest in our midst. No rules or boundaries. Anything goes. The bible seems, to me, to declare God to be a God who values divine order and uprightness.


LAWLESS people despise being governed and many times view love as being RELIGIOUS. We have become people who have decided because of past unforgiven hurts to NEVER be controlled again, so we despise being GUIDED, period.  Those who are true shepherds have the capacity to spot wolves and those systems that prey on sheep. Shepherds desire to love the flock and warn them of potential wolves and systems that are wolfish in nature and character.


There is much that goes on in the lives of people they could be spared of if they were Shepherded to the place of maturely following Holy Spirit and the word of God for themselves.


Many people are not in the place of maturity and need guidance. It is not keeping laws or being religious. It is living out the principles of scripture which clearly set boundaries on conduct producing healthy living.

There is such a sloppy use of the word grace and it is often times not even defined properly and giving people who want to justify CARNAL, FLESHLY living the “right” to do whatever they deem right.


We have to get over the thinking don’t judge me. That is fleshly and at best an attempt to not be willing to be evaluated. We all are being measured. We have a responsibility to MEASURE ourselves. Many don’t do that and leave themselves open to be measured when we engage a person who values measurement.


Jesus, the GREAT SHEPHERD gives all sheep the capacity to be protected from deceitful men. It takes proper MEASUREMENT and measuring tools to not be deceived. Matthew 7:15-20 may be considered RELIGIOUS but I say it is LOVE. Jesus GOVERNS us by indicating we should EVALUATE/JUDGE the FRUIT of human activity. In another instance, Jesus encourages us out of LOVE not RELIGION to listen to the words humans use. Matthew 12:33-37.


It is an act of love NOT being RELIGIOUS to ask us not to use and justify the use of words which may come from what JESUS calls “bad trees”. O may I remind you Jesus is Love incarnate.


Let’s not be so quick to call someone religious until we measure if the comments or evaluation was to help us not be deceived.