Learn the ministries available at Ruach Covenant Church International.
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One Sound, Audio Team

Anointed to work together as ``modern day scribes``, One Sound would love to have you team with others of like gifting to present, capture and distribute the word and worship of God in our community through audio and visual technology.

Agape Care Hospitality Team

Hospitality is a core value in a loving community of faith and the Agape (Love) team serves our local community and coordinates many of our community outreaches. We would love to have your gift of service help transform lives.

Martha's Ministry

This is the ministry of the Ushers and Greeters. Martha was known to value welcoming guests into her home. It is an important thing to make one's guests feel welcome. We desire to have those who are gifted in making one's experience in our community a lasting positive memory on the road to transformation in Christ.

Inspired Utterance

is the name of our Praise/Worship and Arts Team. Our ministry is one of helps. Our desire through music, song and the Creative Arts is to enlarge the nature of our Lord in the hearts of all who gather. Your gifts and skill in the arena of singing, dancing, skillfully playing of the instruments and a heart to be a team player will be welcomed.

We are people of purpose.
We must live life in purpose, on purpose.
-Apostle Daryl O’Neil