A Gathering of Kings and Priests
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A Gathering of Kings and Priests


This is the second book release by Apostle Daryl O’Neil…

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This is the second book release by Apostle Daryl O’Neil…   The classification of unmarried people in the church is expansive, but never really considered as such. Virgins, Widows, Divorced, Youth, Unmarried with children and Unmarried by Divine Design.    Ministry to the unmarried should touch all believers. Paul, as an apostle was not just concerned about the married, but the unmarried as well!   From this revelation, God has permitted Apostle O’Neil to develop a kingdom-minded approach to building the Unmarried with an understanding of an aspect of covenant, which is making better believers at an earlier age.   A Gathering of Kings and Priests is offered as a tool to help implement another dimension of ministry to the unmarried that will equip and empower them to have healthy covenant relationships and defend covenant relationships in their sphere of influence.  It is an innovative way to reach a most vital segment in our society. If you are looking to purchase more than quantities of 5 or more, please call our office. Shipping and handling included.