The Name of Jesus
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The Name of Jesus

  |   The Apostle's Pen

The Name of Jesus: Another Perspective
by Daryl O’Neil


I have been challenged for some time with what I will call the ILLEGAL use of the “name of the Lord”.
I want to share with you some scripture, with a desire to provoke either study or, as a leader, help to declare and establish a firm understanding of the use of “the NAME”.


In the Scriptures, names of places and people were ALWAYS significant to the narrative of bringing understanding and clarity to the character/nature and or purposes of God. There is no name of a person or a place which Holy Spirit highlighted without significance. I will give just a few examples to clarify my point:


Abram meaning “exalted Father” changed to Abraham meaning “Father of a multitude”. New role and purpose.
Sarai name “Princess” was changed to Sarah meaning “A Mother of nations” New relationship and purpose.


Jacob meaning supplanter, trickster was changed to reflect a new relationship, Israel meaning Prince with God… afterward Israel called the name of the place of encounter Peniel… I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved.


There are many such examples but my point is NAME has more to do with nature, character and purpose than JUST SAYING it!


Even satan understands the power of identity in a name. I the book of Daniel chapter 1, when King Nebuchadnezzar takes the best children of Israel and attempts to oppress them by removing their God inspired name and giving them another name:


Daniel means: God is my Judge was changed to Belteshazzar meaning Lady Protect the King. This was a reference to the goddess Sarpanitu.


Hananiah means The Lord is Gracious was changed to Shadrach meaning I am fearful of the God.

Mishael means Who is What God Is changed to Meshach meaning I Am of Little Account
Azariah means The Lord has Helped Me changed to Abed-Nego meaning Servant of (the god Nebo).


This is one of the reasons I am passionately fighting to get those who are unmarried to stop calling themselves “singles”. It is an oppressive name that changes character/nature and purpose, but that is another story!

The connection of name with nature, character and purpose was really highlighted when John the Baptist’s father, Zacharias, was made mute by the angel Gabriel (Luke 1:19-20) because of wrestling with the decision to name him after himself Zacharias or John like Gabriel told him. Look at verses 57-64. The family is trying still to name the child after Zacharias until he says the child is to be named John which means “Beloved”.


We can’t just name our children what we want them… okay that is another story too!


In the book of Exodus when Moses asks to see the glory of God, it is interesting that Jehovah in granting his request says, “I will make all my goodness pass before you and I WILL PROCLAIM the NAME OF THE LORD before you. Two points: what Moses “sees” in Exodus 34:5-8 is the NATURE OF JEHOVAH and IT IS BEING WALKED OUT before Moses and that is TO PROCLAIM THE NAME. It (the name of the Lord) is brilliant in it’s brightness and weightiness that Moses’ face was shining when he came down from the mount of God. Our lives when the nature of Christ is being lived for real, SHINES BRIGHTLY LIKE BRILLIANT LIGHT and darkness clearly recognizes it!


The immediate response to the NATURE OF GOD is worship. Moses bowed down. Could that be what is hindering our “song services in the church”… no presence of the nature or character of GOD??? Just a thought.

Remember, the seven sons of Sceva, they used the name with the understanding of most of the modern day church and it is unfortunate with similar results: Acts 19:13-16. They thought the POWER was in SAYING the name. The Jewish exorcists were “RELIGIOUS”… external conversation and living with NO inward character/nature change. So, when they used the name like magic, an amulet or a spell it did NOT work and they got their butts beat!


They were deceived into believing that all they had to do was “SAY THE NAME”. The demons said… Jesus WE KNOW…nature and character of the Father walked out, and Paul, the nature and character of Christ being lived out WE KNOW… but WHO’s NATURE ARE YOU REPRESENTING?? Who are we really, when using the name?


When Jesus says in John 14:13 “What so ever you ask in my NAME that will I do… I want to suggest it means something different than most of us have been taught. The phrase “in my NAME is the Greek word : Onoma (Strong’s concordance #3686) meaning character described by the name. The name as a substitute or representative of the person. To be identified with HIS character or purpose. Please consider that John 14:13 may mean He (Jesus) will not do simply what we ask, but whatever is conformable to HIS character or purpose.


Let’s stop the saints from being beat upon needlessly by satan and his demons. It is the character and purpose of Christ being lived through SENT people the kingdom of darkness fears! It fears people who SHINE BRILLIANTLY with HIS NATURE, CHARACTER AND PURPOSE: LIGHT!!!!!