The Spirit of Ingratitude
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The Spirit of Ingratitude

  |   The Apostle's Pen

The Spirit of Ingratitude: A Killer of Apostles and Apostolic Ministry
by Daryl O’Neil

I have been meditating and teaching for the past two months on being people of the Light. Apostolic/Prophetic believers are to be Light Bearers. People of wisdom, people of selflessness, people of revelation concerning the nature, character and mandate of Christ and changing our world by the power of God. Changing the world by releasing the Glory of God. People born of the INCORRUPTIBLE SEED of the Word of God. Jesus, is the King, the SENT ONE, who would not be CORRUPTED. He was tempted in all points as we are, yet without sin. With the help of Holy Spirit, we can live a life without corruption too.


Jesus, declared He was The Light of the World (St. John 8:12). Interestingly enough, He reveals Himself to be LIGHT while rebuking the Pharisees for their indifferent attitude to their OWN sin. In their unrighteousness, they unmercifully brought a woman “caught in the act of adultery” and did not bring the man who was adulterous too. Many have surmised, those who wanted to judge this woman would not judge the man because they were guilty of the same sin. This was twisted justice, deception and the spirit of murder in action. The Pharisees were to have represent the government of God to the people, yet they were not grateful for their place of service to the people they became corrupt and entitled.


Jesus taught us in the gospel of Matthew, in preparation of manifesting the kingdom (God’s righteous rule through the hearts of His people when engaging others): WE are the Light of the world. (Matthew 5:14-16).  We would be a breakthrough people, a transformational people, a compassionate people and a grateful people. 1 Peter 2:9.

The sermon on the Mount, was a powerful apostolic/prophetic time of instruction to develop a grateful, loving people, who would have success through AUTHENTICITY and UPRIGHTNESS of heart and not in the error of the Pharisees. The Pharisees represented a life of DUPLICITY, BEING UNMERCIFUL and SELFISH. The were to represent the king and the kingdom of God, yet they had become corrupted. Their hearts were dark and Jesus had come to restore LIGHT. Righteousness. Holiness.


The Spirit of Ingratitude works with the Spirit of Mammon (the love of riches). It is a very subtle attitude which opens the door to perversion, entitlement, murder and sexual sins. These are spirits which attack apostles, apostolic people and apostolic ministry. The Old Testament ministry of Kings shadowed the ministry of the New Testament apostle. Ahab was a King, who was blessed, yet did not have gratitude in his heart and “took Naboth’s Vineyard. He was not kind nor did he have pity/compassion on Naboth and murdered him along with his more famous wife Jezebel and was judged for it. David, who we will look closer at had a similar weakness. This is bondage which comes to CORRUPT KINGS. Apostles and apostolic people, BEWARE.


When is enough, enough? There are many in this natural world who are ruthless, murderous and very selfish once the spirit of ingratitude and mammon take over. They are never satisfied. They will do anything to have more and will take from others with NO MERCY. This spirit should not be in ministry, but sadly it is. Let us examine our hearts and stay erring on the side of MERCY.


We must, as apostolic people stay vigilant to when our heart is void of true MERCY/PITY. We must monitor and permit others to monitor our mercy level. When we lack mercy and pity for people, who lack what we have, we will begin to manifest wickedness. No one is above falling when INGRATITUDE manifests. It opens the door to THINKING OF ENTITLEMENT. It was the sin which did in King Ahab (1 Kings 21:1-16. It is the sin which OVERCAME King David. Sexual sins, deception and even moving to murder to get what we feel are “our blessings”.


It is the sin of love of riches (disguised in the vein of a twisted prosperity message). I believe in the blessing of God and the abundance of God. I also have watched in SCRIPTURE those who God blessed develop the spirit of ingratitude. King David is a model of a apostolic leader, a sent one who is anointed by God and amazingly blessed by God and has many breakthroughs by the hand of God, yet he succumbs to the spirit of ingratitude and takes what belongs to the poor man, when God has given him much.


Listen to the Lord’s words to David through the mouth of Nathan: 2 Samuel 12:7-8:

I ANOINTED you king over Israel, I DELIVERED you from the hand of Saul, I GAVE YOU YOUR MASTER’S HOUSE and his wives and I GAVE YOU the house of Israel and Judah. And if that had been to little, I would have given much more. David was blessed, but was not satisfied. When is enough, enough? What do you feel entitled to because you are a “King’s Kid”. What did Jesus the uncorrupted King teach us in Matthew as He was developing a “Kingdom heart” within us? Matthew 6 is a potent chapter to help us overcome ingratitude with a clear “kingdom perspective”.


Listen to what the scripture says from the mouth of King David, as we find the source of his own sin, when he had more than enough. The Lord says He would have given him more, if he only was grateful. David felt he DESERVED or was ENTITLED to more. It caused him to take Uriah’s wife. David’s whole legacy could have been destroyed because of his ingratitude. The source may have been a lack of mercy or compassion for others because he was so powerful. After all, he was the King! After all, we are apostolic!


2 Samuel 12:5-6, So David’s anger was greatly aroused against the man and he (David) said to Nathan, “As the Lord lives, the man who has done this thing shall surely die. And he shall restore fourfold the lamb, BECAUSE HE DID THIS THING AND BECAUSE HE HAD NO PITY.


Apostolic leaders, people and ministries must be noted for their mercy and compassion towards people. Have No Mercy on the Devil. People are not devils.